High Discharge Temperature Low oil level
Dirty heat exchanger
Faulty thermal bypass valve
Plugged oil filter
air/oil separator
Obstruction in oil system
Excessive Lubricant Consumption Clogged separator scavenger line
Incorrectly adjusted scavenger line
Oil sump overfilled
Oil foaming in sump
Premature Lubricant Breakdown Compressor temperature too hot
Ingestion of foreign substance through intake
Excessive condensate in system
Mixed oil types
Incorrect oil additives
Increased Amp Draw Plugged air/oil separator
Airend bearings starting to fail
Obstruction in air lines
Obstruction in oil lines
Dirty or spent lubricant
Decreased Discharge Pressure Faulty inlet valve
air/oil separator
Plugged intake filter
Excessive leaks in plant piping
Air/Oil Separator Collapse Minimum pressure valve sticking
Dirty or spent lubricant
Faulty check valve
Ingestion of foreign substance through intake
Compressor Shutting Down High temperature
High discharge pressure
Low oil pressure
Blown fuse
Power failure

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For more than 30 years, the specialists at Industrial Air Power have been helping companies around the world build and maintain their compressed air systems.  Customers recognize that our exceptional knowledge in the compressed air industry helps to keep their systems operating at peak efficiency.

We offer the widest selection of air compressors, replacement air compressor parts and accessories from the foremost manufacturers. Our experienced team is trained to assure that you get the right parts, when you need them, at the lowest possible prices.

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