Because a comprehensive oil analysis program is key to avoiding unnecessary air compressor oil changes and mechanical repairs, Industrial Air Power offers a Free Lubricant Analysis Program that covers over 30 lubricant characteristics. It’s an invaluable free tool for saving money and preventing catastrophic mechanical failure.

Performed by an independent laboratory, each Industrial Air Power free lubricant analysis includes data on:

  • Viscosity: To detect contamination or degradation in your compressor oils.
  • TAN (Total Acid Number): To monitor oil oxidation, corrosive
    acid contamination or potential mechanical problems.
  • Additives: To detect the addition of incompatible make-up oil.
  • Wear metals: To monitor machinery health and schedule routine maintenance before failure occurs.
  • Water content: To detect high moisture content and emulsification issues.

Using Industrial Air Power’s FREE Lubricant Analysis Program

Our oil analysis program is extremely easy to use.  Each lubricant analysis comes with:

  • Oil sample forms and sample bottle for
    easy labeling and documentation of
    compressor and lubricant information.
  • An individualized report that includes
    data on viscosity, TAN levels, water content
    and over 21 different additives and wear
    metal, including iron, lead, copper,
    chromium and more.
  • A short oil analysis guide to help you understand your test results.
  • Maintenance recommendations and expert advice based on your individualized report.
  • Valuable trending data that can help you detect hidden symptoms of future system failure. Our data
    helps you find long- and short-term trends that indicate equipment degradation or breakage long before they result in unexpected downtime.

Simply ship your oil sample to us and in about a week you’ll receive an easy-to-understand e-mailed report and analysis guide explaining your results. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your report results, simply call one of our experts toll-free at 877-422-1717 and we’ll be happy to discuss your results with you and help you determine what to do next.

If you don’t have a sampling kit and need one, simply email us at to have one delivered, no charge.