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MICRO 100 Oil/Water Separator - 100 cfm

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Price: $265.00
Oil/Water Separator - 100 cfm
Part #: MICRO 100
Designed For Use With: Clean Resources
Estimated Weight (lbs) : 7
Lead Time: 2-3 Days

Designed For Smaller Compressed Air Systems

This system was designed as an economical solution for small compressed air systems. As part of the system, we have included an external decompression chamber allowing systems up to 175 psi.

The product offerings also include a factory installed and plumbed wall bracket, reducing installation time.

Replacement cartridges provide easy, no mess maintenance and offer the lowest life cycle cost in the industry.

The MICRO allow smaller industrial compressors the ability to easily maintain EPA compliance. Improved alumina silicate substrate media bed prolongs the life of the unit.

Benefits of the MICRO:
Factory mounted decompression chamber allowing for simple installation

Spin on / Spin off cartridges for quick maintenance with no mess

No priming required

10 ppm guarantee

Handles all types of compressor lubricants

Versatile, media operates regardless of specific gravity, relative humidity or emulsification

Wall bracket for ease of installation

How It Works:
Laboratory tested and proven in the field, the MICRO series is engineered to provide EPA compliant results. It is changing the world of compressor condensate management. Once the condensate is piped into the unit through the inlet hub, it comes into contact with our improved alumina silicate substrate media. These beds absorb the lubricant while repelling the water. The lubricant bonds with the media making the cleaned water easily disposable.

Works with these Lubricants:
Food grade
Silicone – (need XKT pak)

To learn more about the Micro 50 and other Clean Resources oil/water separators, download the brochure.