IAP Paks – Condensate Treatment System

Compressed air condensate can provide environmental headaches for today’s manufacturer. That’s because dumping contaminated water is not only detrimental to the environment, it is also illegal!

There are two main problems caused by dumping compressed air condensate that is laden with compressor lubricants:
1. Pollution-just one gallon of compressor lubricant can contaminate up to four acres of ground water. A 100 hp compressor operating 24/7 will carry over 15 gallons of lubricant annually.

2. Environmental liability-It’s illegal to dump oil-laden compressor condensate into the ground or sewer system. The legal limits range between 10 ppm and 100 ppm of allowable lubricant contamination, depending on your location. Typical compressor condensate has 500 -3000 ppm of contaminants. The cost of non-compliance is high. Fines, negative publicity and clean up costs add up to tens of thousands of dollars.

IAP Paks provide cost-effective condensate treatment
IAP Paks from Industrial Air Power are engineered to minimize maintenance and clean up headaches, operate efficiently in all conditions, and reduce the cost of dealing with wastewater streams. This advanced molecular filtration system removes all types of lubricants, providing a truly scientific solution to a troublesome problem.

IAP Paks are filled with a media bed formulated to attract the targeted contaminant, while at the same time repelling the water molecules. Wastewater passes through the media bed and the contaminants are trapped by the bed. The lubricants are actually bonded to the media bed, virtually eliminating the possibility of ground water contamination from the spent bed. Unlike some oil/water separators that utilize gravity separation as prefiltration, IAP units need no pumps, sensors, or pre-separation filter pads. The reason IAP Paks stand alone is that the superior media bed is so efficient no prefiltration is needed. In addition, the rugged internal piping and a fail-safe decompression chamber assure proper operation. All IAP Paks contain media beds of the highest quality alumino silicate substrate, the product of a proprietary process that applies the proper quats in a particular sequence under tight quality assurance standards.


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