Joy® Air Compressor Parts

Industrial Air Power stocks replacement air compressor parts and lubricants for all Joy Twistair® models.

Below are the Joy Twistair® air compressor models for which we most frequently provide parts.  If you do not see your model number, please contact us.

Twistair Models:

TA-007, TA-010, TA-015, TA-020, TA-025, TA-030, TA-040
TA-075, TA-125, TA-180, TA-190, TA-220, TA-230, TA-240, TA-265, TA-290
TA-300, TA-335, TA-340, TA-370, TA-400, TA-450, TA-480, TA-510, TA-565
TA-590, TA-600, TA-610, TA-630, TA-665, TA-690, TA-720, TA-750
TA-925, TA-965, TA-970, TA-990, TA-1000, TA-1020, TA-1025, TA-1150
TA-1170, TA-1180, TA-1225, TA-1240, TA-1250, TA-1325, TA-1350, TA-1500
TA-1535, TA-1540, TA-1560, TA-1575, TA-1600, TA-1700, TA-1750
RES-600, RES-1200, RES-1600

Air Filters
Air/Oil Separators
Oil filters
Oil Coolers & Aftercoolers
Gauges, Valves, Couplings and Hoses
Gaskets, Shaft Seals & O-Rings
Airend Rebuilds

Industrial Air Power is an independent supplier of quality replacement air compressor parts & is not affiliated with any of the air compressor manufacturers on this site. Any reference to OEM names or part numbers are for reference only. All OEM names and logos are registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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We offer the widest selection of air compressors, replacement air compressor parts and accessories from the foremost manufacturers. Our experienced team is trained to assure that you get the right parts, when you need them, at the lowest possible prices.

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