Too few businesses take advantage of oil analysis to prevent unnecessary repairs and lubricant changes. Learn how a good oil analysis program can help save you from costly air compressor repairs, system and bearing failures, and unnecessary lubricant changes.

Finding Early Warning Signs With Lubricant Analysis

You may not know it but a good oil analysis program is a comprehensive diagnostic tool that can help you uncover hidden conditions that signal poor compressor performance, premature breakdown and system degradation. By measuring key characteristics of your oil, lubricant analysis can tell you what parts are degrading, how severe acid build up is, and whether your air compressor is headed for failure.

That’s why a good oil analysis program is key to maintaining the health of your air compressor. When choosing a lubricant analysis program, be sure it includes information on:

lubricant analysis imageViscosity: A key indicator for oil replacement, substantial changes in viscosity can indicate contamination or degradation.

TAN (Total Acid Number): Dangerous TAN levels can indicate oil oxidation, corrosive acid contamination or potential mechanical problems.

Additives: The emergence of elements not present in an original sample can indicate the addition of make-up oil with additives that substantially differ from the original product.

Wear metals: Wear metal analysis is key for scheduling routine maintenance that prevents costly repairs and downtime.

 Water content: Moisture content can dramatically affect lubricant 

In addition, a good lubricant analysis program should help you understand how to interpret your lubricant data so that you know what to do next.

 When Was The Last Time You Checked Your Compressor Oil?

If you don’t already have your lubricant regularly checked, consider joining Industrial Air Power’s Free Lubricant Analysis Program. Free with the purchase of any lubricant, this program covers 30 key lubricant characteristics and gives you valuable trending data that can help you track and predict machine health and air compressor parts degradation. To learn more about Industrial Air Power or this program, visit